This blog post is a little different as it may come across as a little angry. You know all those copy paste and share things linked to Suicide you see all over Facebook and other social media? They won’t work for a person who is suicidal. (only my opinion)

have a better idea… How about we start sharing something useful, like sharing information about somebody who could actually help them work out all the crap and lies in their head? (only my opinion)

It would have to be a person that you know and trust to be able to help them, not a faceless organisation, as that won’t work either, (only my opinion).

I am one person that doesn’t sit behind an organisation, I am me, a face… a face that someone suicidal could look at and decide if they will be willing to give me a try. The picture below is what some people think of when considering getting help, a shut door with ‘someone’ behind it. This doesn’t happen with me. Everybody coming to see me knows they will see me, speak to me on the phone, have me email them as they arrange a suitable time, only me. I have spaces daytime and evening, and will see someone within a few days usually, so why are people in this area suffering so much in their heads, alone, to the point that they decide this earth is not worth staying on anymore!! (only my opinion)


In a previous job I have sat with suicidal people all night sometimes talking to them, checking on them, shining a little light, a little hope, anything to keep them here, until the deadly fog of suicidal ideations lifts from their heads!! I am not boasting as it is neither my interest or nature, I prefer the back seat, the backroom, the unseen helper, but the time has came to start shouting about suicide!! (only my opinion)

Last summer when my cousin died from suicide, ptsd, depression…I had 22 days raising awareness of suicide, ptsd and depression on try business page, (it is separate to this blog, as this is my outlet) it was a very tiny drop in the ocean, but as people opened up and talked about suicide with someone they could trust, and walk the journey with them, they were able to recover from thoughts and ideations of suicide and are living a happy life now. There is hope after feeling so low you “wish’ to die. This is something that needs to talked about everywhere, all the time, who cares about the weather it is usually crap here, talk about how many people are dying, talk about ways of helping them, talk about raising funds so people can get help, tell me more ways of how I can help!! (only my opinion)

The point here is that suicide is serious, and doesn’t just happen to others. People are dying, young people, older people, parents of children, sons, daughters, siblings…, they need to ‘see’ someone they could put their tiny strand of hope in!! (only my opinion)

I have annoyingly put ‘only my opinion’ at the end of every paragraph here, because, my opinion started when my best friend from school died by suicide all those years ago, it took me many years to figure what the heck I was going to be able to do on a big scale to help others. My opinion continued forming when I worked in a homeless hostel with suicidal people, off their face on alcohol or illegal drugs, or usually both, for 12 hours each night. My opinion continues now as I work in schools with suicidal young people with the world at their feet, and they are struggling to stay in it. My opinion continues as I have my own private practice counselling business. My opinion is getting shouted out very loudly since my cousin died last year. How many more need to die before we all start shouting about suicide? (only my opinion). Stephen


11 thoughts on “Suicide?

  1. Well, I’m shouting right along with you, Stephen. I see it in the kids I work with and in the communities I serve in. Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD are real, and we must partner to do all that we can, for as many as we can, for as long as we can.

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  2. So true Stephen! We all need to become more aware and spread words about it. Depression, which I believe is the root-cause of such suicidal tendencies, need to talked about openly.
    And you, being actively involved with and among such people, are doing an amazing job. 🙂

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  3. Hi Stephen, the work you do is inspiring and has undoubtedly saved the lives of many. You are so right. Depression can effect anyone, whether a young person with the world at their feet; a mum with a family; or an elderly person. What would you advise someone who was experiencing serious suicidal thoughts when their therapist is not available for a few days and they can’t communicate with anyone else?

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it.

      Regarding serious suicidal thoughts, I cannot advise anything as your therapist will be working with you a certain way, which may be different from my approach. So, I think that someone could do all the things that have kept them safe in the past, but also, I focus on having at least three people to be able to communicate with, this way one of them will always be available to help support and sit with a suicidal person. If that’s not possible then a telephone support service which has trained counsellors, there is a link to some here:


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