I enjoy poetry as it allows me to focus solely on something, and let my unconscious run with it. I also like Artwork, photography, or anything that allows me to focus on something. I think we could all get something different from reading the same poetry. I think what we need to see, hear or feel is what we  will get. We may not like what bubbles up from our unconscious, but it is what it is. It is exceedingly beneficial to check in with ourselves frequently. This poem quite simple, but contains extraordinary insight.

I am not I

I am this one

walking beside me whom I do not see

whom at times I manage to visit,

and whom at other times I forget,

The one who remains silent, when I talk.

The one who forgives, sweet, when I hate.

The one who takes a walk when I am indoors.

The one who will still remain when I die.

Juan Ramón Jiménez

A reminder to check in with my Soul regularly. I am a Soul surrounded by a rental of skin and bones. I use Prayer, reading the Bible, mindfulness, nature, my Bride and my Sons to connect with my Soul and its Creator. My Soul is the only part of me that will last. What ripples I leave behind in helping others in a safe way is my goal. It feels good to check in to the real me, inside, which I wish to shine out. No matter what others may TRY to ‘do to me or make me feel’, my Soul is the part they do not get to easily, I will protect my peace by any means.

This is only what I perceived from this poem. I am interested in what you got from it. Comment below if you wish as I am always interested in the opinions and understanding from others, it is how we develop, learning from each other.




4 thoughts on “I Am Not I

  1. I love poetry, too. I have written two small books of poems. My son collaborated on one with me as he was an artist and writer. He left that and so much more behind that was ‘him.’ In fact, it was the title of your post that led me here. Brandon had written words similar only it read, I Am I.

    The very last line of this poem, I am not I, has the most impact to me. Even though our souls leave this earth, a part of us has been left in the hearts and minds of those who knew us if even for a little while. Poetry, art, etc… is a footprint of its creator. Those who are not creative in that way leave another footprint of some other distinction. Hopefully, some thing of all of us is remembered.

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