Can broken love be strong enough? This is a question with no ‘correct’ answer. It could depend on: circumstances, both people, dependants, finances, past experiences, support network, trust, Spiritual Faith, guilt, shame, mental health, etc.


The tension of our lives are in this picture. We all have a heart, all nations, cultures, colours and religions. How do you listen to your heart? What happens when a negative event occurs in your life? When you get the thoughts that you are worthless, useless, or whats the point in trying, when your shoulders droop and your head goes down. Do you allow your negative experiences to crush you or make you stronger? I decide when that happens to use the negativity as fuel to motivate me and push me on. The thoughts come to all of us, but it is how we listen and use them that is the key. I get negative thoughts and  that is my key to use them for motivation and realise my body sensations at that time, e.g shoulders drooped, head down, and know it is time for positive thinking, using all that negativity as the fuel.

How do you cope in that tension? How do I? The learning is in the tension. The growth is in the tension. It is part of life, and it is a choice we need to make. So many people have given up and just stay in that negative thinking, with so many somatic symptoms (feelings in the body, e.g. sore head, shoulders, neck, joints, sick stomach etc.) which may be coming from their negative thinking. Mindfulness is excellent at taking time to slow everything down, and listen to your body as well as your mind. The tension is hard to negotiate, but would you rather be stuck in a negative cycle? The tension in your heart, like in the picture above, has many issues to negotiate in everyday life, but it can be healthy, and work with your mind to keep you happy and in control. Enjoy the tension.



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