For the benefit of this story I will introduce you to Noah my little 2-year-old son. When feeding Noah this morning I had his bowl on left and mine on right beside it. I had to be very careful during our funny talks, singing and playing that I didn’t eat any of his by mistake.


Noah’s bowl is poison for me as what it contains makes me sick and very unwell. Mainly the milk in it as I am lactose intolerant among other things. It would be a slippery slope as I would get sick, fun would dwindle quickly with Noah, someone else would need to look after Noah… many people affected by one bowl. One bowl which for most people would be perfectly good and wholesome. It is my kryptonite. My weakness. Your weakness may not be my weakness. My weakness may not be your weakness.

My bowl however has been tried and tested and has many things in it which will help me digest it, give me energy, and allow me to have fun with Noah, learn him new things, which will allow him to get tired and sleep. Therefore I can do stuff around the house when he is sleeping, making life easier for the rest of our family when they come in home.

Two bowls. Two very different outcomes. This reminds me of the excellent Native American saying regarding the two wolves.

2 wolves

What is your bowl of poison?

  1. Alcohol?
  2. Illegal Drugs?
  3. Prescription drugs?
  4. Shopping excessively?
  5. Gambling?
  6. Laziness?
  7. Gossiping?
  8. Pride?
  9. Infidelity?
  10. Eating too much?
  11. Eating too little?
  12. Eating the wrong food?
  13. Excessive social media?
  14. Lying?
  15. Jealousy?
  16. Insert your particular bowl of poison…

So many ‘ bowls’ some of which may be fine for some of us but not for others. We all have our demons to fight, our bowls to stay away from. For us that are Christians it could be one bowl with the Devil thinking it won’t matter. It does. One ‘bowl’ of whatever your ‘poison’ is could be a slippery slope, and a bad outcome for yourself and many other people. Our actions have consequences, this could be physical like sickness, or mentally with remorse, shame or guilt among other issues.

It is the beginning of a new year. Maybe look after your bowls and help others who are struggling with theirs. My health makes me want to lie in a corner in a ball at times but I never give in, for long. I help others who struggle because I know that pain and while God allows me the health to keep going I will.

Look for the opportunities to help others today and see how it also helps you.

P.S. I only ate my bowl and this has taken a long time to write as I kept stopping to play with Noah and his teddy bear fights. Benny Bison teddy was the winner if your interested and has posed for a winning picture 🙂  Stephen.



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