Howdy and welcome to my new blog. As the title says, Madness Incarcerated, which means some madness from my mind will now be incarcerated here instead of floating around, and bubbling up at inopportune times. This blog will allow me the freedom to get it from inside my head onto the page. 

I hope that it can be funny, if you get my weird and sarcastic side, informative at times, but mostly I wish that this can bring hope to dark places. It is a hard evil world we live in, so a little relief is always welcome.

I hope this can be interactive with your comments also. I need you to know however that I do not take offence and I don’t take myself seriously, so comment if you don’t like something also. If you have a blog you think I could follow post it in the comments below also and I’ll have a look at it. 

I do not have any agenda or ideas where this will go. It will spontaneous and random. Wherever we go with it. It is for us to have hope and motivation. If I can inspire one person through this blog then it is worth the effort. 

Enjoy the good times,  survive the bad times. Encourage each other.



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